Cyber Monday UK Press Coverage

3/12/12 Telegraph Why Cyber Monday is busiest online shopping day
The Telegraph’s retail editor explains why today’s Cyber Monday will be the busiest onine shopping day ever.
3/12/12 Guardian Cyber Monday: did you spend more online this year? Yesterday saw the UK’s biggest day for online shopping
3/12/12 Guardian Online shopping: sprinting start for Cyber Monday
2/12/12 Guardian Cyber Monday arrives as online retailers hope for busiest day of the year – Tradition crosses the Atlantic in the wake of Black Friday as retailers hope for some relief in the wake of a difficult year
27/11/11 Guardian Hard times on the high street mean an unhappy Christmas at the Treasury
25/11/11 Financial Times United we spend – Cyber Monday, the largest online shopping day of the year, goes global and no longer has much to do with Thanksgiving
25/11/11 Telegraph Five of the best Black Friday sales
13/01/11 BBC What has Christmas revealed about retailers and us?
13/01/11 Amazon.Co.Uk Predicts That ‘Cyber Monday’ – The Busiest Online Shopping Day Of The Year – Will Be On Monday 5th December With Most Orders Expected To Be Placed At 9pm
13/01/11 Guardian Toy pony Butterscotch a hit with online Christmas shoppers on ‘Cyber Monday’
08/12/09 Sky News Online sales expected To Hit £350m On Cyber Monday The first Monday of December
08/12/09 Sky News Cyber Monday Nets Over £1m In Busiest Minute As November High Street Figures Disappoint
07/12/09 BBC Online retailers predict record sales on busiest day
07/12/09 Telegraph Cyber Monday ‘busiest online shopping day ever’
06/12/09 Guardian UK internet shoppers to spend £4,000 a second
06/12/09 Financial Times Cyber Monday shoppers to spend £350m online
06/12/09 BBC Online retailers predict record sales on busiest day
05/12/09 BBC ‘Cyber Monday’ warning for shoppers
01/12/09 Express Cyber Monday: Xmas Shoppers Go Crazy
30/11/09 The Sun Dot com all ye faithful
23/11/09 Guardian Amazon gets set for cyber Monday as Christmas shopping online clicks